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Bio-Catolet Paper Granules 12Ltr


Recycle today for a better tomorrow
Light cellulose paper granules
Extremely absorbent & dust free
Reliably masks odours
Soft and kind on the paws
100% ECO CO2 reduced climate-friendly
Easy disposal
Can be composted - not recommended for vegetables
Also suitable for rodents and small domenstic animals

Advantages for Cat Lovers
- Bio-Catolet™ is hygienic, very absorbent and controls unpleasant odours quickly.
- Bio-Catolet™ retains its natural freshness even after use.
- Bio-Catolet™ is dust-free and leaves no trace. Nothing to stick to the paws or coat.
- Bio-Catolet™ is economical and high-yielding twice as absorbent as mineral litter = 200% absorbency.

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