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CJS Ultra Absorbent Wood Pellet Cat Litter 15Ltr

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CJ's Ultra Natural Wood Pellet Cat Litter is environmentally friendly and super absorbent, made from a virgin softwood. It is antimicrobial, which means that germs and bacteria will be unable to form on it, keeping the litter tray wonderfully hygienic.
Any odour is completely eradicated, rather than just masked, in a 100% biodegradable design that can be added to compost. It also won't stick to the paws, so can't be tracked around your home.
100% natural
Super absorbent
Made from virgin softwood
Antimicrobial so germs and bacteria won't form on it
Eradicates odour
CJ's will plant a new tree for each one that is harvested
FSC certified

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