Dreamies mix


Jam-Packed with Goodness and Flavour
Packed with Delicious Chicken or Duck
60g Per Pouch
Help Keep your Cat Healthy and Happy
Satisfied with Two Treat Flavours in Every Bag

Dreamies Salmon and Cheese Cat Treats
Contains Vitamins and Minerals
Suitable for Cats and Kittens from 8 Weeks Old
Crunchy Outside, Soft Inside
Low-Calorie Recipe
One Treat and Two Types of Meaty Taste - Salmon & Cheese
Dreamies Mix with Scrumptious Salmon and Delicious Cheese pack is enough to excite your cat.

These cat treats provide two flavours in just one bag , scrumptious salmon and delicious cheese. So go on and shake this pack to watch your cat running excitedly towards you for a tasty treat time.

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