Felix goody bag


Felix Goody Bags are tempting cat treats, each bag bursting with flavour. The treats come in a cheerful mix of colours and shapes and best of all, there are four different flavours in each bag. Your cat will adore these delicious treats and definitely won't find them boring!
Felix Goody Bag Treats are available in the following flavour varieties:
* Original Mix flavoured with delicious Chicken, Liver and Turkey
* Seaside Mix flavoured with tasty Salmon, Pollock and Trout
* Mixed Grill flavoured with appetising Beef, Chicken and Salmon
* Cheesy Mix flavoured with mouth-watering Cheddar, Gouda and Edam
Felix Goody Bags are not just great tasting snacks for your cat, they are also very healthy as they are packed full of protein, vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids, all of which help your pet to stay happy and healthy. Now you can share blissful moments with your cat, thanks to these wonderfully tasty Felix Goody Bag Treats!

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