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GoCat Kitten Chicken, Turkey & Vegetables


Go-Cat Kitten is a recipe specially formulated for the healthy development of your kitten. It provides them all the nutrients they need to ensure a good transition from mother's milk to solid food and to give your kitten a great start to a life full of happiness. It is also suitable for pregnant or lactating cats. From the day you brought your kitten home, you promised to care for them and feed them right every day and help him / her to live a happy and healthy life.

Go-Cat is here to help you to fulfil your promise. With use of their experience and expertise, Go-Cat do our utmost for you and for your kitten to keep them happy and healthy. 5 promises because we care: Nutrition: 100% complete and balanced tasty nutrition for every day with quality protein for the cats' health and happiness. Quality: over 1000 daily ingredient and production quality check-ups. Purina experts: developed by Purina nutritionists.

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