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Good Boy Crunchy Chicken and Calcium Bones

No artificial colours or flavourings
Promotes healthy teeth and jaws
Made from 100% natural chicken breast

These delicious treats will keep your pooch happy and healthy as well as entertained! Made with 100% natural chicken breast meat; they're sure to become an instant favourite with your furry friend. They come in a handy resealable pack - locking in freshness for longer. They are also great for your pet's dental hygiene, as they contain added calcium and will keep your dog's jaws strong.

Disclaimer: A complementary pet food for dogs. Feed as a treat or reward as part of a balanced diet. Make sure this chew is given to your dog under supervision, on a non stainable surface. Check that your dog has plenty of clean, fresh water available - just in case they get really thirsty. Not suitable for puppies under 4 months.
Weight: 100g

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