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Iams Delights Land & Sea Collection 8 X 85G

IAMS Delights Land & Sea Collection in Jelly is a 100% complete and balanced premium wet food for adult cats in a convenient multipack. The Land & Sea Collection in Jelly includes four tasty recipes that your cat will love: Wild Tuna & Herring, Delicious Salmon & Trout, Roast Turkey & Duck and Succulent Lamb & Liver. Each recipe is lovingly prepared with high quality ingredients and offers an irresistible taste to delight your cat. Cats can absorb nutrients from their food which helps them to look and feel great on the inside and out. IAMS Delights provides key nutritional benefits for each life stage. Adult diets contain high quality animal protein to help maintain strong muscles. Biotin, minerals and vitamins help to promote a healthy skin and coat. The recipes support your cat with minerals to maintain strong teeth and bones. IAMS Delights provides cats the expert nutrition they need with a great taste they will love without compromise.

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