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Iams kitten Fresh Chicken (wheat free) 2Kg


Iams for Vitality with Fresh Chicken kitten food is a complete and balanced dry cat food for cats aged 1-12 months. Made with expert advanced nutrition to help support your dog's 7 signs of healthy vitality, including their growth and development. All of this packed into a tasty recipe with 91% animal protein (out of total protein) for your pet to enjoy every day.

High quality animal protein (91% out of total protein) - Provides an irresistible taste with a very high percentage of animal protein, which pets love
Wheat-free recipe (produced in a factory that handles wheat) with no fillers, artificial colours, flavours or GMOs - Ensures a wholesome recipe without harmful additives, colours, flavours, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
Promotes healthy brain development - DHA supports your kitten's brain development
Supports healthy growth - Essential minerals and vitamin D support strong bones and muscles for healthy growth
Encourages healthy vision - Taurine and DHA cont

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