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Iams Kitten Jelly with Chicken 85g x 8

ams Delights Chicken in Jelly multipack kitten cat food is a complete and balanced wet cat food for kittens aged 1-12 months. Made with expert advanced nutrition to support your cat's healthy vitality and high levels of animal protein for an incredible taste. Contains 8 tasty pouches of chicken in jelly.

High quality animal protein for an irresistible taste, with tasty chicken your cat loves.
Build strong muscles with high quality animal protein an important building block of strong muscles.
Develop healthy bones with tailored essential mineral levels designed to help with the development of strong bones.
Support your kitten's strong immune system, with high quality advanced nutrition.
Support healthy heart and vision, with taurine to aid heart and eye health.
No artificial flavours, colours, fillers or GMOs.

Suitable for kittens (1 - 12 months).

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