Interpet Gold Tap Safe 100ml

Although fish love water, tap water can be bad news for your goldfish. Gold Tap Safe treats your tap water to make it safe for your goldfish, by removing harmful chlorine and heavy metals from the water. It also helps protect your fish with protective colloids, which give the goldfish a protective layer around their delicate skin and gill membranes. For use in all tanks, bowls and orbs. Use as part of your regular maintenance programme, when changing or refreshing water for healthier, longer-lived fish.

Especially developed formulae -for goldfish in small tank/bowl environments
Removes harmful chemicals from tap water- making it safe for goldfish
Use weekly when carrying out water changes - to keep your aquarium healthy
Treat 57 litres (100 pints) - enough for about 10-12 doses
Pipette and instruction leaflet included - for easy use

Suitable for
Freshwater aquariums.
Not suitable for
Saltwater aquariums.

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