Tetra Easy Balance 100ml

Tetra EasyBalance stabilises essential pH and KH water values, and sustainably reduces harmful substances such as phosphate and nitrate. This may lower the number of water changes required and extend the period until the next (partial) water change by up to six months. In this case, monthly partial water changes are no longer necessary, which also reduces water consumption. Furthermore, Tetra EasyBalance enriches aquarium water with essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals for fish and plants. This keeps the ecosystem in the aquarium healthy and well balanced.

The product also simplifies the maintenance of soft water aquariums, such as those containing discus fish: by stabilising pH and KH values, the interval between necessary partial water changes is longer.

-Stabilises important carbonate hardness (KH) and pH water values;
-Simplifies aquarium maintenance: no need for monthly partial water changes with a moderate fish stock;
-Extends the period between (partial) w

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