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Whiskas Mixed Menu X12 Beef, Chicken, Salmon & Tuna

This Whiskas 1+ Pouches Mega Pack 12 x 85g contains delicious complete wet food for adult cats. All of the ingredients have been gently steamed, helping to preserve all their natural essential nutrients and vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Tender chunks of poultry, meat or fish are combined in a smooth sauce or juicy jelly to create an irresistible dish.

No artificial flavours are added during manufacturing, meaning that Whiskas 1+ Pouches offer entirely natural enjoyment. A choice of six different flavour varieties means that you can keep your cat’s meals exciting and enticing, with something to please every palate. The practical pouches make it easy to serve your cat a mouth-watering fresh meal every time, without leftovers. Your cat will love Whiskas!

Delicious wet food for adult cats
With six different flavour selections for variety and enjoyment
Gentle steam-cooking process to retain natural nutrients.

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