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Whiskas Tasty Mic, Catch Of The Day in Gravy


Whiskas 1+ Tasty Mix Catch of the Day in Gravy contains the following varieties:
Salmon and Carrot
Whitefish and Vegetables
Tuna and Whitefish
Cod and Salmon
More pleasure for your cat:
More Flavour! Thanks to the delicious Whiskas recipe, whose ingredients are so gently steam cooked that the natural, optimal aroma remains intact - for an improved flavour experience with every meal.
More Freshness! A freshly opened pouch at every meal brings more flavour and enjoyment in to your cat's dish
More Variety! Whiskas portion pouches come in many different flavours, so that you can give your cat something different for every meal.
Practical for you:
Every Whiskas portion pouch contains the optimal amount of food for a proper meal. This keeps you from having to store cat food leftovers in the fridge.
Clean and easy to use - tear open, put into dish, and done!
Whiskas pouches are also easy to keep fresh.

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