Wrapped sausage rolls


Our gourmet chicken sticks, wrapped in pork rind, these delicious Sausage Rolls are loved by dogs of all shapes and sizes. They are slow roasted in their own juices to ensure a mouth-watering taste in every bite!

Protein: 40.5%
Oil & fat: 34.2%
Moisture: 6.3%
Crude ash: 16.48%

Pigs in Blankets

Natural sausage rolls are tasty, nutritious dog treats that are sure to have your pups begging for more! Dogs absolutely love them and they are naturally healthy as they are high in protein and low in fat, promoting healthy teeth and gums and sensitive stomachs.

Protein: 40.5%
Oil & fat: 12%
Moisture 6.3%
Crude ash 16.48%

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