Weekend Fish Feeder

SPECIALLY DESIGNED -- The King British fish food is made in small blocks formed as stars. Designed to feed your fish while you are away, these blocks slowly release fish food in water without affecting the quality and clarity of water.
SUITABLE FOR ALL COLDWATER & TROPICAL FISH -- This King British food is made of a calcium matrix that is suitable for all coldwater and tropical fish, feeding up to 12 fish for up to 4 days per block.
WILL SAVE YOU FROM WORRIES -- The thought of your fish being hungry will not let you enjoy the holidays or concentrate on work, but these weekend feeders will save you from this worry.
EASY TO USE -- Just place the feeders in the water and let them do the trick! Slowly, the block will release small particles of food that will be distributed when the fish looks for food.
Package contents: 1 x King British weekend feeders. The pack contains four star-shaped feeding blocks. Actual packaging may vary.

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